Our Policies for event venues  (Breweries, bottle shops, etc).   This does not apply to catered events under contract,


Cancellation:  Cancellations do not happen often, and if it does happen, it will most likely be due to an emergency.  The 13th Taco will try its best to obtain an alternate food truck for your event, however, no guarantee is made.     If you need to cancel, we expect at least a one week notice, unless of course, it is in the event of emergency. 


We usually come out rain or shine, however, if there is a chance of severe weather, or something happens to our truck or any of our staff to limit our ability to serve, it is our call whether or not we move our truck.  We will always do our best to get coverage in the event we must cancel for any reason (including severe weather), but we can not guarantee it.


Weather Policy:

In the event of severe weather, The 13th Taco will attempt to contact event coordinator within 48 hours of event (or at the time severe weather becomes known) to discuss and determine the safest course of action.    Usually, within 12 hours of event, The 13th Taco reserves the right to decide the final course of action (i.e. whether to cancel it's appearance, find a new date, or appear as scheduled). 


Severe weather is:   Any weather related event with the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life including, but not limited to: Flash Flood watch/warnings, Severe Thunderstorm watch/warning, tornado watch/warning, hail, snowstorms watch/warning, ice storms watch/warning, lightning, tropical storms/cyclones watch/warning, extreme low or high temperatures.

F. A. Q.

QUESTION:   Is an appointment required for your truck to come out to serve?

ANSWER:     In most cases, yes.  There may be an exception to the rule if we are fully prepped and available on the date of the event.


QUESTION:   Do you cater?

ANSWER:     Yes.  We cater Mexican-Fusion, Authentic World Class Mexican, Tacos, and more!


QUESTION:   Do you cater weddings?

ANSWER:     Absolutely!


QUESTION:   Can we request your truck at a catered event?

ANSWER:     Yes, we can have the truck at your event (if it is not scheduled somewhere else on the date of your event).  We typcially don't have the truck on site for a "catered" event unless asked to have it for casual service from the truck.  


QUESTION:   What is a Minimum Guarantee and why would you require it?

ANSWER:     Please                             about Food Truck Guarantees or Minimums, by RDUMFA.


QUESTION:   Does The 13th Taco require a minimum guarantee:

ANSWER:     Sometimes, depending on the type of event, the date and where the event is held.


QUESTION:  Do you just serve the Raleigh area?

ANSWER:    No.  We will travel up to 2-3 hours for certain events.  It depends on the event and exactly where.